Wayne Brown at online interview starting at 7:00 PM Finnish time today

Wayne Brown
Wayne Brown

TPS midfielder Wayne Brown will be interviewed online by TPS Supporters at tps-kannattajat.net starting at 7:00 PM Finnish time today.
The interview will be conducted in English.

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44 thoughts on “Wayne Brown at online interview starting at 7:00 PM Finnish time today”

  1. well i think that inter is going to be a real hard game for helsinki,but all we can do is concentrate on are own games and win the next 2 matches and hopefully they will slip up.first we need a good performance on sunday and a win.

  2. Thanks Wayne!

    We all have one last question:

    “what do you think the next happen now?”

    Let’s see at MYPA away, good nigth 🙂

  3. hopefully in a possitve way,i have more exsperience than before,and now people can see what i can do on the football pitch,hopefully i can take the confidence that i have and my form back to fulham when i return and push for a first team place

  4. How do you think that the season in here in TPS will affect your future career?

  5. i didnt no what to exspect before i came here,i just heard that it was a realy nice town with a river running through it.hahah but its been fine for me here and ive enjoyed it

  6. Did you have preconceptions about Finnish society? Did they match the reality?

  7. i think maybe kappe or jukka could play in bigger leauge in the future.

  8. Which Finnish league players do you see playing in bigger leagues one day?

  9. if looking at clubs,i think we play football that is similar to fulham,we try to play football all the time,get the ball passed round the defence,and play through the midfield and strikers,with the wide players joining in narrow.

  10. sometimes i get asked for id,but im used to it because in england you have to show id even if ur 50 but look younge

  11. erm i think the main thing that i have gain from my time here in finland would have to be the exsperience that i have gain playing 26 leauge game and playing for 3 points and infront of crowds.i beleive i have become a better player more confident and more mature as a person living on my own in a different country.

  12. You look very young. Is often asked about the papers you’ve been going to restaurants in Finland? And what do you like about Finnish beers (Karjala, Karhu, Koff, etc)?

  13. Do you consider yourself a stronger player now that your stint here in Finland is nearing its end? If so, how and why?

    How does training under Pasi differ from Roy/England in general? Is there something specific you can point out that you have learned during your stay?

  14. when i got here it was very different from london,its not as big,and not as busy .in london u cant walk straight because theres so many people,but i love how chilled the life style here is,and so relaxing in the summer.

  15. What are your thoughts about Finnish Culture and our City Turku? Was there any big cultural shocks when u moved from one of the biggest metropols in the world to a small village called Turku?

  16. im not to sure,maybe jls they are starting to become big after finishing 2nd in xfactor.the main difference is the crounds,you dont get as many fans in reserve fotball as we do for tps.

  17. What is the best English band at the moment?

    What is the biggest difference between England Reserve League and Veikkausliiga?

  18. in general lifes been fine,i go in to town alot to chil,or down by the river,normally im with chris cleaver.one thing i miss from england is the food and london

  19. How has life been in Finland in general? What do you miss most from England (besides your family, friends and Premier League)?

  20. i no its alot colder than england for sure,yeh some of the stadiums have been small,and its hard to compare them to some in the premiership,manchester united stadium was amayzing when i played there.

  21. How do you see the conditions in Finland? Some of the “stadiums” in Finland are very small and must resemble more of a backyard from your perspective…

  22. when i arrived i thought it could be an issue,but everyone in the team speaks english which has been easy for me,and in jeneral every one in finland speaks english so its been fine when ive been shopping or out.

  23. Did you expect a language barrier when you came here? Any funny situations you’ve found yourself in because of Finnish language? 🙂

  24. it was sumthing that i discussed with them and they supported my decsion,as a player you play football to win things,and i culdnt turn down the opportunity .

  25. How did your family and friends react when they heard you’re going to stay in Finland after August 16th?

  26. i loved it ,was the best thing ive ever seen and i was so greatful for it,it is at home my home in england.

  27. i think the best aspect of pasi ,is that he wants to win.and sets high standereds for the team and players.no realy funny stories,but it is funny when he try to pronoumce some enlgish words,and sentences in training start in finnish then go to english then end in german.

  28. thanks i appreciate that,as i player it think my best strength is my techniqual ability,set peices and my threat of scoring goals.

  29. i think that they have a great chance,they are always in with a shout of winning any compition they enter,but this world cup i think they have the best chance they have had in years,with the new manager

  30. the best coaches ive ever worked with i think would have to be billy mckinley and ray lewington,they trained me for bout 3 years together when i moved from youth to reserves.i think the ability to get the best out of a players is a very important

  31. i think im gna miss the people that ive met here,the players have been great to me and also the coaches,im with them most day so they have been like family to me while ive been here.ive enjoyed every moment of it,and im delighted that i came here,ive played in everygame which was wat i needed,and gained some great exsperience.the fans no i love them and they have been great for the players,they need to no that we always give 100 % and will till the end of this season.

  32. Who is the best coach you’ve been working with? What are abilities of a good coach?

  33. im not realy to sure wat players are able to play for finland in the leauge,but kappe for tps is a realy good player,i think that he could be one player from the veikkausliiga that could play in the top leauge,his quick stong powerful and has good technique.i think the great players are the ones who achieve winning medals.

  34. If you leave us after this season, what will you miss the most (sauna maybe)? Have you liked playing in here or is the quality of the league as bad as we Finns tend to think? Is there something special you would like to say to your fans?

  35. thanks,no i dnt see my self moving away from the club,i like it there.danny is a great player and i do learn alot from him when i watch him and he is always talking to me on stuff to improve.im hoping to push the first team players when i return in january for a place in the team.

  36. Hi Wayne and thanks for a great season so far! Go for gold!!!

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re short of good strikers in the national team. Do you have any suggestions who we could try out from Veikkausliiga-players?

    And have you seen any players during the season who could in your opinion make it in one of the top leagues at some point of their career?

    What do you think makes the biggest difference between a good player and a great player?

  37. Great to hear you doing well in Finland.
    Great of you to go out of your comfort zone and try a different league.
    Great that the supporters there are appreciating your efforts.

    It sounds great all round!

    Despite Fulham signing several midfielders I hope you get an opportunity or three later this season, is that an objective of yours or do you see yourself moving away?

    Understandable if you do, but I would love to see a midfield of you next to Murphy who I imagine is a great player to learn from, and then replace!

    Good luck and best wishes wherever you end up, just not Qpha or Chelski please!

    Lawrence (season ticket holder at Fulham)

  38. i think that this year for tps he has been very effective and one of the reasons that we have been successful this year with his goals assist,and strenght upfront

  39. i think there could be a few that do,although when he does train with us ive been impressed with his ability.i think the best player ive played with would have to danny murphy.he is a realy cleaver player.i think that 250.000 pounds is to much money for a player to be earning per week.na i dnt think there will be a salary cap,but i think there should be

  40. Does any of TPS’s players have better ball-technique than Pasi Rautiainen?
    Who is the best footballer You have played with? Played against?
    Are top footballers truly worth 250.000 pounds per week in your opinion? Do you think there will be a salary-cap in the Premier League in the future?

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